Molecularspray: large molecule surface science

Here at Molecularspray we design and manufacture compact portable ultra-high vacuum (UHV) electrospray deposition (ESD) systems to facilitate the deposition of complex, fragile and non-volatile molecules on surfaces under UHV conditions.

Our systems are helping research groups around the world in universities and industrial R&D to deposit dye molecules, nanorings, single molecule magnets, quantum dots, polymers, nanorods, proteins... find out more below.


UHV4i Electrospray deposition system

The UHV4 is a modular electrospray deposition source capable of producing a molecular beam from an electrosprayed solution at pressures as low as the 10-8 mbar range. The system features a desolvation entrance capillary, two differentially pumped molecular beam skimmers and a final differentially pumped aperture [...]


UHV4iH Electrospray deposition system

The UHV4iH is a modular electrospray deposition source capable of producing a molecular beam from an electrosprayed solution at pressures as low as the 10-8 mbar range. The system features a heated desolvation entrance capillary with an integrated vacuum side heater that not only [...]

High voltage

MV5 High voltage power supplies

The MV5+ and MV5- are designed with both portable and lab-based electrospray deposition in mind. Probably the smallest electrospray high voltage power supply available, it is housed in a robust aluminium case that can fit almost anywhere around even the most complex UHV system. The MV5 comes with [...]


UHVX Additional differential pumping stage

Differential pumping is the backbone of our electrospray deposition systems, taking your electrosprayed molecules from atmospheric pressure down to pressures compatible with typical UHV experiments. For those experiments that require lower pressures than our UHV4 series, add an additional [...]


Heated inlet flange upgrade for UHV4 systems

The latest UHV4iH system has an integrated vacuum-side inlet capillary heater. This kit enables existing UHV4 series systems to be upgraded to UHV4iH spec and inlcudes everything required to install this latest heated inlet flange to exisiting systems. [...]


Electrospray visulalizer microscope & camera

The visualizer add-on is a high quality 25X microscope and lightsource which is mounted to the front end of the UHV4 to enable the electrospray plume to be monitored during a deposition. It can be used manually with the eye-piece or through the HD video camera coupled to a computer [...]


Stainless Steel Electrospray emitters

Our systems are supplied as standard with the NewObjective stainless steel metal tapertips. We can also supply replacements and emitters of difference sizes. Simply email for a quote.


SK4 Service kit for UHV4 systems

The SK4 service kit & spares set for the UHV4 system has been put together to help you deal with whatever your experiment throws at you. Things do go wrong. You could be in the middle of a key experiment at the synchrotron or on a short visit to another research lab when you break a syringe [...]


Stage 2 & 3 coupling tee and bellows

Stage 2 of the UHV4 series electrospray deposition system can be pumped using the backng pump of the turbo on stage 3 under most circumstances. The S23 coupler simply provides a way to connect the two pumping lines together so that only two scroll pumps and one turbo are required [...]


Syringe with PEEK fittings

This 10 ml gas-tight syringe is modified with PEEK fittings for a leak-free connection to the 1.6 mm (1/16") polymer capillary tubing to that delivers your solution to the electrospray head [...]


Research & resources

A range of publications that contain work carried out using Molecularspray electrospray deposition systems or their pre-commercial forerunners, photoelectron binding energies, Auger kinetic energies [...]