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SK4 Service Kit

The SK4 service kit & spares set for the UHV4 system has been put together to help you deal with whatever your experiment throws at you. Things do go wrong. You could be in the middle of a key experiment at the synchrotron or on a short visit to another research lab when you break a syringe, drop a ferrule out of the electrospray head, block a line or destroy a translation stage. With our service kit, you can be up and running again in no time. It contains a spare of every air-side component of the UHV4 electrospray deposition system (apart from the emitters). More specifically it includes a replacement syringe complete with PEEK fittings, 1m of PEEK capillary tubing, replacement electrospray head complete with modified ferrules and high voltage pin and a replacement dovetail translation stage for the head manipulator Like all our products, it comes in a robust Peli case.

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