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The UHVX Additional differential pumping stage

Differential pumping is the backbone of our electrospray deposition systems, taking your electrosprayed molecules from atmospheric pressure down to pressures compatible with typical UHV experiments. For those experiments that require lower pressures than our UHV4 series, you can add an additional differential pumping stage. We have a lot more characterisation work to do before we can give definite pressure ranges and throughput values as these depend on the desired aperture size, but it's available and already a popular enhancement.

UHVX Additional differential pumping stage - from £350+VAT

The UHVX differential pumping stage conmprises a UHV tee with DN35CF (2.75" CF) pumping port designed for a small turbomolecular pump and mounting flange incorporating an additional exit aperture.


If ordering the UHVX additional differential pumping stage with one of our UHV4i systems you can request it to be fitted to the system before shipping to ensure correct alignment at no additional cost.

The exit aperture of the UHVX is machined directly into the exit flange and is avilable in diameters of 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm.

Technical specifications of the UHVX

Mounting: DN35CF (2.75" CF)

Pumping port: DN35CF (2.75" CF)

Pumping requirements: Turbo pump (typically 70l/s or higher) - note that this will bring the total pumping requirement of a UHV4i series system combined with the UHVX additional differential pumping stage to 3 roughing pumps and 2 turbo pumps. The best configuration would use one roughing pump on stages 1 and 2 and one roughing pump backing the turbos on stages 3 and 4.

UHVX1 - 1 mm aperture

UHVX2 - 2 mm aperture

UHVX3 - 3 mm aperture

We are aiming to publish performance data for each of the three aperture sizes soon.